Workshop on VR & AR for Training of Operators by Unimore

Date: 15 December 2022, Time: 14:00-18:00

FactoRIS II kindly invites participants to the specialised workshop related to the Learning Path #3:
“Virtual and Augmented Reality for Training of Operators”.

Title: FactoRIS II_584 Virtual and augmented reality for training of operators


The workshop shows how Virtual and Augmented Reality technologies can help to train operators in the context of SMEs. Initially, basic concepts of VR and AR will be presented as well as the benefits of their application. Then, needed devices are presented highlighting that low cost technology is available to face simple but demonstrative experiences of the potential that can be obtained. Then, application examples are relized which can be easily reproduced by the learners as well as experimented in the UNIMORE lab.


Learning Outcomes:

  • The learner knows how to use sensors and devices for VR and AR applications
  • The learner is able to setup a simple VR virtual environment in Unity
  • The learner understands what information an ergonomics assessment can generate and how to get those information from data provided by tracking devices