Seminars on Industry 4.0 in Slovakia

FactoRIS II Project Coordinator – Slovak University of Technology in Bratislava / STUBA – in cooperation with the Industry Innovation Cluster / IIC are organising a set of seminars on the Industry 4.0 topics.

Dates of the seminars: 13, 14 or 15 December 2022 (based on capacity and interest, online or on-site)

The free-of-charge training on Industry 4.0 aims to support the digital transformation of SMEs.
The training is designed for SME manufacturing staff, namely for production directors, production managers, quality managers, industrial engineers, maintenance managers and technicians.

The training programme was developed through a collaboration between universities and companies from Slovakia, Austria, Italy, Portugal and the Czech Republic. The pilot trainings will be held in the Industry 4.0 “Learning Factory” at the Faculty of Mechanical Engineering of STU in Bratislava.

During the one-day training, the participant will receive training in two prepared modules. The training modules consist of a theoretical and a practical part implemented on model industrial equipment.

Module 1:

Monitoring of production capacity utilization based on equipment availability data.

Module 2:

Automatic quality control of collaborative robots and machine vision.